K. Michelle Calls Out Gossip Site During ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Premiere Party [Video]

K. Michelle’s career is at an all-time high thanks to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The southern songbird recently inked a record deal and has been all over the country promoting new music.

But Thursday night (April 18), the outspoken cast member took a break from to put popular gossip site Bossip in its place. What was supposed to be a standard Q&A session prompted the Memphis native, who’s repeatedly been the subject of fodder on their front page, to use the opportunity to air them out. “What happens with you blogs and the situation at hand is you get paid off of making fun and hurting us,” she said.” And I don’t know how you think you gonna get blessed by that. You don’t blessed by blogging at other people’s pain and hurt.”

She continued by directly referencing her recent show in NYC. “I did a sold out show at BB King’s, and it was a lot of people around. You know what you all did instead of saying ‘pat on your back, woman,’ you made jokes and cracked on it.”

The reporter couldn’t get a word in edge wise as K. continued to passionately (and explicitly) slam the blog for its “bullshxt” reporting.

Watch the entire clip below.

Photo Credit: Sharifa Daniels