K. Michelle to Launch Rebellious Soul Web Series

Now that Love and Hip Hop’s third season is officially a wrap, its ratchet sister is poised for a comeback. Tonight, (April 22) the second season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta will premiere at 8pm EST on VH1giving viewers their weekly dose of drama. K. Michelle, who continues to make headlines with her in-your-face persona, will also debut a web series to coincide with her new music. Appropriately titled The Introduction: Rebellious Soul, fans will get an intimate look at K. Michelle’s musical journey outside of reality television.

“This project means a lot to me,” she says. “A lot of people counted me out. A lot of people called me ratchet. And yes, I can be ratchet, but I’m a ratchet musician. I’m a person who lives, loves, breathes everything music. And I was determined with this project that people would understand that music is still alive…I’m not a reality star. I’m a star on a reality show.”

Turn the page to check out a preview of the series, which will air exclusively on RapUp.com.

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