K. Rose Talks New Single, Idolizing Azealia Banks And Being Discovered By Cool And Dre


Beneath the pink lips and fluffy blonde ‘fro lies singer K. Rose and her edgy pipes. While the singer has solid abs and a magnetic charisma (as first seen in her previous single “Sleep When I’m Dead“), she’s also bilingual.

In her latest single “A Voi E A Me” (which translates to “You And I),” the Florida native carries the dance tune in Italian, a language she picked up from her opera-singing mother.

Her musical journey began three years ago when super-producers Cool and Dre discovered her at a Miami talent show.

“Cool and Dre are like my brothers now,” said K. Rose who recalls being asked to come back to the studio and sing in front of Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe.

“It was an incredible experience,” she said of her impromptu performance for the hip-hop stars. “I remember Busta Rhymes walked in the room and was like ‘Yo, if you don’t keep doing what you’re doing, I’m going to stop doing what I’m doing,’ she said, imitating Busta’s voice.

When it comes to her personal inspirations, the curly-haired songstress cites legends like Michael Jackson and Madonna, noting how the King of Pop’s work ethic mirrored her own.

“One thing I’ll never forget is when I heard Michael say that If he’s not in the studio, on stage, or working his mind will play tricks on him and he will fail,” recalled Rose. “When I heard that, I was like that’s me. I can’t stop doing what I’m doing because I don’t belong doing anything else.”

And the girl does not stop. When the Epidemic/ Interscope signee’s not with her vocal coach, she is training hard.

“I incorporate fitness, dance, and singing,” she said about her regimen. “I will run across a football field while singing all my songs two weeks before my shows. It’s really serious.”

Don’t be fooled. she isn’t all work and no fun. Her secret obsession? Trap music.

“People don’t expect me to love trap, hood music but I love it, and I can sit there and twerk for days,” she said. “I love twerking and hood stuff. In Miami, I go to the grimiest clubs.”

Now, K. Rose is grinding in the booth, prepping the release of her EP Sink Or Swim, the first single of which will be produced by Cool and Dre and a ballad with a “Sade vibe.”

While she won’t abandon her uptempo sound, she ensures bangers to be included and points to Harlemite Azealia Banks as an artistic role model. “I look up to her because she is so controlling,” she said. “I love women who are in control.”

Check out the edgy visuals to her single “A Voi E A Me” below and cop the single on iTunes here.