Kanye West Worried About Kim Kardashian Weight Jokes on SNL

The upcoming Saturday Night Live season finale might be the juiciest ever.

On May 18th Kanye West will perform on SNL’s season finale and the comedic show plans to fit in a few Kim Kardashian jokes. However, unlike the writers normal free reign to push the envelope with the Kardashian clan, it’s reported that they have to tread lightly with the pregnancy weight gain jokes.

“The writers are pushing real hard for an over-the-top skit and the producers are there to reel them right back in if they go too far,” an NBC insider told RadarOnline about the boundaries put on place with this upcoming season finale. The father-to-be is said to be “super-sensitive about the constant Kim bashing” but the writers are ready to push it as far as they possibly can with out upsetting the rapper, added the source.

Ben Affleck will host the too-much-for-Kanye season finale, and with SNL known for taking an inch and turning it into a mile, this mockery season finale might turn into a jokes on West takeover. Who knows, but we’re definitely tuning in.