Kanye West’s 2001 Demo Tape ‘The Prerequisite’ Surfaces

Before Kanye West turned college dropout, the Late Registration rapper released the demo tape The Prerequisite in 2001.

The 15-track project offers up the same soul beats and raw bars as the 2004 LP College Dropout in the form of familiar favorites “Jesus Walks” and “Hey Mama” alongside re-named versions “All Falls Down” (“Dream Come True”) and “Bring Me Down” (“Have It Your Way”).

Daps to the folks at KanyeToThe forums for distributing the mix to the ‘net. Check the tracklist and download link below.

1. Home (Windy)
2. Jesus Walks
3. Have It Your Way
4. Out Of Your Mind
5. Wow!
6. Need To Know
7. Gotta Pose
8. Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)
9. Hey Mama
10. Know The Game
11. Family Business
12. Dream Come True
13. Freestyle
14. Last Freestyle
15. Heartbeat

Download it here.