Katt Williams Talks ‘Scary Movie 5,’ Beef With Kevin Hart And More

The unpredictable yet funny comedian Katt Williams is ready to make his comeback.

Williams, whose main source of attention in recent months have stemmed from a slew of legal troubles, is making that transition back to comedic glory with his latest role in Scary Movie 5.

In an interview with Allhiphop.com, Katt says his hiatus from the big screen didn’t have an impact on his approach to the film.

“It’s my first foray back onto the big screen,” he said. “You know a lot of times when you get one of these offers coming across the table it’s like you have to work your magic and make something out of nothing.”

He also plans to hit the stage later this year. “I haven’t been doing any actual live performances because I got fake promoters out there so I was letting them finish spinning their wheels out there, but this is definitely the summer of Katt Williams, I can promise that.”

Money Mike also put to rest any rumors of a beef between him and pint-sized funny guy Kevin Hart. “I don’t have a problem with Kevin Hart. I never have simply because I am a fan of comedy and judge a person by what they bring comedically,” he said.

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