Kobe Bryant Gets A Visit From Dwight Howard After Surgery

Kobe Bryant has been a social media beast since going down with an Achilles injury. It’s clear he’ll have to find something to occupy his time until he can get back to hoisting jumpers.

Today he took to his new Instagram account, and posted a surprising picture. First off, Lakers teammate Dwight Howard, along with fellow Laker Jodie Meeks, seems to have dropped by to check on Kobe, which is surprising given the alleged drama and tension between the two superstars.

Second, to whom does that little dog belong? Wife Vanessa? His two daughters? Unless it’s name is Black Mamba, it’s a little bit of a surprise.

Maybe this picture bodes well for the Lakers franchise going forward? Dwight Howard’s free agency decision will make or break the 2013-14 Lakers, even moreso than Kobe’s recovery from surgery. If Kobe can convince Dwight to hold down the fort while he rehabs, the Lakers may be able to make a push past the All-Star break and get Kobe back early. Worst case scenario, Dwight bolts for greener pastures and Kobe misses the whole year.

If you’re a Laker fan, you’ll definitely be praying for more sightings of Dwight on Kobe’s Instagram.