Kobe’s Rap Career – What Went Wrong?

Over at Grantland on Friday, Thomas Golianopoulos delved into the failed hip-hop career of Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Here at VIBE, we’ve talked about athletes who rap in the past, but this Grantland story revealed some choice details from the young baller’s music career, including the fact that Bryant lived with rap exec Steve Stoute in 1998 while trying to hone his hip-hip image.

It’s strange to imagine Kobe battle-rapping, but with the way he comports himself on the court, it may not be too much of a stretch. He’s known for mean mugging teammates, and he’s always quick with an F-bomb or a cutting remark. But before the championships and the scoring titles and MVPs, he tatted himself up and released records.

Check out the whole storyfor the truth about Shaq and Kobe, Kobe’s relationship with Brandy, and the disaster that was K.O.B.E.