La La Anthony Sticks to 60-Day Workout Regimen [Photos]

Carmelo isn’t the only Anthony taking to a fitness plan to stay in shape. His 33-year-old wife La La has now dropped 15 pounds off her curvy frame after joining a popular Hollywood diet plan, “60 Days of Fitness,” founded by Cali rapper The Game.

Forty-seven days in, the Full Court reality star says she’s motivated and the workout plan has helped her cut out some food addictions, including milk chocolates. “It is my biggest weakness,” she admits to the New York Post. “I’ve found other things that taste healthy like dark chocolate. After a while, you train your taste buds to not want it as much.”

The group meets daily for three-mile runs as well as other intense cardio, including lunges, squats, and jump squats in Los Angeles’ popular Runyon Canyon.

When La La is back at home in New York City, she keeps up her workout regimen by taking boxing sessions at Trinity Boxing, where husband Carmelo Anthony also trains on his off seasons. She also keeps her diet fresh by eating oatmeal and Greek yogurt for breakfast, turkey wrap with hummus instead of mayo for lunch and grilled fish or chicken with quinoa for dinner.

She carefully notes her 60-day regimen is nothing like her husband’s 15-day spiritual cleanse that is only limited to fruits, vegetables, raw juices, and protein shakes. “With him it’s different,” La La says. “He’s so disciplined. If there was ever junk food in the house, it was because of me. If he’s splurging, he might have a Starburst.”

That’s dedication. — Megan Guard

Check out La La’s fitness photos here.