LHH Recap: Mimi Moves On, Traci Has Chris Brown Issues And Joseline Wants Her Contract

Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the love triangle of Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline tried to pick up the pieces after the huge blowout between them. Despite the fact that she won Stevie, Joseline is not happy about the situation and says that she’s over Mimi’s drama. Jos tells Stevie that she is focused on her career and doesn’t want him anymore. Break up with Stevie J? Is that possible?! Stevie throws the creepy face on and tells her that he owns her regardless.

Elsewhere, Erica and Scrappy seem to be enjoying their engagement but are both concerned about their mutually overbearing mothers. And with good reason. Momma Dee and Shay are plotting to break the duo apart. Dee says that she, as the Queen, needs to guide Scrappy. She tells Shay to drop by the studio unannounced to reconcile with him. The plan backfires. Shay breaks down and Scrappy apologizes for hurting her but isn’t willing to let Erica go.

A new cast member Traci is thrown into the fold. The radio DJ and single mother has a son by Big Drew aka Chris Brown’s DJ. Traci is tired of Drew’s cheating ways and always being on tour with Breezy. He, counters that it’s the only way he can make money for the family. Over dinner, Drew says that he has a new business venture that will help him stay off the road, but he needs Traci to invest $25,000 in his new sneaker shop. Traci is tired of investing in Drew’s many expenses (including his truck) and seeing his hoes profit from it. Still, she’s open to considering putting money down if it’ll help her baby daddy put down stable roots.

Being that she’s about her business now, Joseline demands to see her singing contract with Stevie. Jos reveals she never read the actual paperwork and she’s concerned that he owns her until the end of time. She threatens to withhold his commission until she sees the papers. Dejected (and homeless), Stevie tries to stay over at with Benzino. Even Benzino is tired of Stevie’s flakey ways. He tells him that the same way he’s dipped in and out of Mimi’s life, he’s done to their friendship. Bro troubles. Benzino tells Stevie to make amends with Mimi so he can go back home.

Armed with flowers and a gift, Stevie tries to sweet talk Mimi back at the house, but she ain’t having it. As he pulls each flower petal, he says “She loves me. She loves me not.” Mimi tells Stevie she found her own apartment and is chucking the deuces. He is furious and tells her that she’ll be back. Then, the producers of the show have to literally hold Stevie down so he doesn’t physically flip out on Mimi as she drives away. Will Mimi come back? Tune in next week to find out.