Listen: DJ Cable “Grime 2.0″ Minimix

We got your weekend jump off joint right here with DJ Cable’s Minimix of the Big Dada compilation ‘Grime 2.0′ (drops May 6th on Big Dada).

“Not ‘nu grime’, ‘post-grime’, ‘grimestep’, ‘funky grime’ or ‘retro grime.’ Just grime. Somehow, where other sounds died or dissolved, this grassroots electronic music movement has grown organically for over ten years now. In an era when information acceleration was supposed to grind any new idea up in the hype machine before it had time to find its feet, grime resisted all appropriation, retaining the qualities that made it exciting, fresh and subversive in the first place.” Check out the Big Dada site.

Grab the headphones and turn up the bass, it’s Friday and time to get grimey.

Cop it: