Listen: Never-Before-Heard Voicemail From Michael Jackson Calling Doctor

The music world hasn’t been the same since the King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away but even a king has his flaws.

A new voicemail from MJ revealing the severity of his drug problem has surfaced where the “Rock With You” singer is asking Jason Pfeiffer–who worked under his California dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein–to call him back, according to Perez Hilton. The voicemail was reportedly recorded seven weeks before his death.

In a recent interview with RadarOnline, Pfeiffer spoke on Michael’s addiction.

“Michael Jackson had a death wish. I don’t think any one person and certainly not anyone at AEG could stop that. No-one realized he was getting drugs from all these different places, and it was inevitable something was going to go wrong. I have deep sympathy of his children and family, but Michael was manipulative and overpowering when it came to getting what he wanted. I just wish I’d shaken some sense into him and saved his life, because he had so much to offer.”

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Pfeiffer added that this was only one of many of Michael’s desperate pleas for drugs and he spoke with Michael one last time 11 days before his passing.

“Around 7 p.m. Michael called me sounding harassed and flustered. He barely had time to say hello before he just asked for Propofol. He asked me if he knew anyone that could supply him with that. Michael said, ‘I do it all the time to sleep, and I wake up feeling refreshed. I have to be up for tomorrow. When I said I couldn’t help, Michael just shut me down and slammed the phone down on me. His voice sounded slurred and tired. I thought he was exhausted due to his rehearsals. On reflection it must have been drugs and I guess Dr. Murray didn’t get him enough.”

Listen to the full voicemail below.