Louisville Athletics Lands Both Mens And Women’s Teams In NCAA Championship

As the NCAA basketball season concludes, four teams remain in contention for a national title.

Two of these teams reside on the same campus, located at 580 South Preston St., Louisville, KY.

Last night, the University of Louisville became the third school in history to put both their women’s and men’s basketball teams in the NCAA Title games during the same year. The feat was previously matched by Duke University in 1999 and the University of Connecticut in 2004.

Louisville will look to match the success of the ’04 UConn teams, which both won championships. The men’s team (34-5) was a favorite from the start and began the tournament seeded at no. 1 in the Midwest region. The Lady Cards (29-8) were seeded no. 5 in the Oklahoma City region and became the lowest seed to win a Final Four game since the women’s tournament began in 1982.

The lady’ quest was a bit more difficult: they defeated last year’s champion Baylor in the Sweet 16, and followed that up with another tough victory over no. 2 Tennessee in the Elite Eight. Led by the sharpshooting of junior Antonita Slaughter, who finished with 18 points, including six threes, the Lady Cards were able to overcome a 10-point halftime deficit against the California Golden Bears last night in their 64-57 win to secure a place in the title game.

The ladies will face Big East rival UConn in a rematch of the 2009 championship game Tuesday night in New Orleans, while the men tip-off in Atlanta tonight at 9:30PM, taking on fourth-seeded Michigan.