M.A.C. Lipstick Dupes, Same Colors Different Prices


If you’re a lipstick junkie, I’m sure you know how fabulous M.A.C. Cosmetics lipsticks are. They smell like vanilla, glide on like butter, and stay put for hours. Sadly, most of us can’t afford to drop $15 per tube on the luxurious lippies, but luckily we found lower budget lipsticks that dupe our favorite M.A.C. shades. Keep in mind, dupes aren’t exactly the same as the original, they may differ in staying power, application or color.

1. M.A.C. Candy Yum Yum: This lipstick has a cult like following since its release into the permanent M.A.C. collection. Since the pigmentation is so bright it is difficult to duplicate exactly, but we found NYX in ‘Shocking Pink”, which is a similar standout with great pigmentation for only $6.00.

2. M.A.C. Angel: Kim Kardashian has rocked Angel as her signature pink pout for years. Try E.L.F. lipstick in “Classy” for more than half the price.

3. M.A.C. Up The Amp: Purple is a hot lip color right now and “Up The Amp” is a great shade. However, Revlon’s “Berry Haute” is a light (inexpensive) purple color that’s similar to “Up The Amp”.

4. M.A.C. Rebel: Rebel is the perfect deep berry shade for spring, But Wet-n-Wild offers a berry color in “Sugar Plum Fairy”  for only $1.99—a steal!