Maceo Plex Discusses His Dystopian DJ-Kicks Mix

Texas bred deep house don, Maceo Plex, has an earnest sound and an honest tongue. Born Eric Estomel, his first DJ-Kicks mix arrives this week; an aural concoction that goes down smoothly with its sharpness while maintaining the cloudy haze of a dirty martini. Blending old-school disco cohorts with deep basslines effortlessly, the whiz of heart-wrenching productions draws crowds thirsty for skilled sound manipulation. See the DJ’s ranking on our ‘Top 5 Deep House DJs of 2013’ and take journey into the forward-thinking mind of Maceo Plex—who in addition to be being a producing savant, ain’t afraid to get down to some Rakim.

Stream ‘Galactic Cinema’ off the mix:

VIBE: Is it possible to describe your latest compilation’s sound in three words?
Maceo Plex: Dark, Sensual, and Dystopian.

You’ve said your DJ-Kicks mix is your legacy. Keeping that in mind, what do you hope listeners will get learn from it?
A sense that I’ve written, played, and admired all forms of electronic music with a slight focus on the dancefloor.

You used tracks that are up-to 20-years-old on this mix.
In a perfect underground scene people would dance to Bitstream as much as they dance to Jaydee, and I hope my mix cuts through genres as if we were living that type of scene.

What do you think musicians today can learn about music styles and trends from the past?
That by limiting yourself in the studio to only using simple hardware, you can create grooves that you wouldn’t normally think of. That’s why many records from the past capture a groove that you don’t often hear today. Also, a type of sound design that may seem more futuristic than even today’s techno has.

You also take a very a dark, emotional turn in this mix. Did it come from a dark place in your own life?
Yeah, I can be very extreme in my moods. My “ups” can be pretty high and my ‘lows” can get pretty deep and depressing. My life is like that, and so my mix sort of represents that.

If you could choose a rapper to collaborate with on a track, who would it be?
Rakim. He has the best voice and best lyricist from my youth. He’s also extremely influential, and I think we could make a stunning track. WERD!

Watch this video interview in which, “Maceo Plex speaks about his approach to his DJ-Kicks mix, his own exclusive edits for much of the material, and what makes music timeless. Maceo Plex’s DJ-Kicks mix is out now on !K7 Records.”

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