‘Madame You’ Social Network to Launch for Black Hair

A celebration of black beauty is always in order, especially when it comes to hair care, so why not have a social media network dedicated to it? F

emale engineers Candace Mitchell, Chanel Martin, Jess Watson and Joy Buolamwini have heard the call and answered with “Madame You,” a social platform that will provide haircare, styling tips and networking for black women with all hair types.

In an interview with Styleblazer, the four pioneers dished on the genesis of the network. “In 2010, Candace participated in a venture prize where she was a semi -inalist and she had developed a software that helps you determine which products to use in your hair,” Martin recalls. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow this is so cool, I wish I would have came up with something like that. Fast forward to a year and a half, I was getting married and looking for hair styles for my wedding and I could not find anything. I was so frustrated that I remember taking a nap, and when I went to sleep I had a dream about a social network for hair. I called Candace and told her I had this idea.”

Today, the women hope to spread the true definition of “natural” beauty–something that spawns from self-confidence and not the way we look. Through a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, the ladies aim to reach one million women through this new technology.

“So whether you have a weave, or relaxed, straight or curly hair, we accept that, and we want women to accept that as well and know that it’s a personal choice and that you shouldn’t be bashed or on a certain team because of how you wear your hair,” says Jess.

Learn more about “Madame You” through the video below.

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