Gentlemen’s Corner: Matte Babel Talks ‘Fuse News’ and Gives Advice to Women

Matte Babel

Imagine speaking to your guy friend that only knows how to keep it straight with a little comedic value. Although you don’t like hearing the hardcore truth, you’re still interested in his opinion. If you can imagine that, then you know what it’s like to speak to Matte Babel, a TV host who traded in his life in sunny and warm California hosting for the freezing cold of New York City to host Fuse News.

The 30-minute program, which airs weeknights at 8pm, launched in February of this year and is dedicated solely to delivering credible music news. The show–led by anchor Babel and his co-anchor Alexa Chung with senior contribution from Fuse correspondents Jack Osbourne, Elaine Moran and Liz Walaszczyk–serves up expert commentary, as well as in-studio special guests, performances and video premieres.

Babel’s original intent wasn’t to become a host, but his career path has proven otherwise. (Plus, his charismatic ability to, well, talk, didn’t hurt.) The once non-experienced host gained unconventionally fast success with his first hosting gig out of college. Since then, his accolades have been growing from hosting Canada’s version of TRL to his new home with Fuse Networks in New York City.

Vixen chatted with music’s mew anchorman about daily routine at Fuse News and his most difficult interview with the Game. — Sharifa Daniels

Photo Credit: Art Streiber

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