Gentlemen’s Corner: Matte Babel Talks ‘Fuse News’ and Gives Advice to Women

Matte Babel Fuse
VIBE Vixen: What’s a day like for you at Fuse News?
Matte Babel: It’s kind of like preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Friends and family are coming over, you wanna make sure the food is banging, the house is clean. Mom is stressed out, trying to manage a thousands things at once, someone forgot to get cranberry? Then there is an extra guest you have to accommodate. That’s the sentiment of it in a nutshell. While it’s exciting to be the only real linear music news outlet, we’re a new show and it’s stressful, challenging. There’s always unforeseen obstacles.

Each morning I come in, I read up on all the latest music news, debate which stories are the most relevant, then wait like a college kid for grades to see which stories strike a cord with our Executive Producer Rick Kaplan. Once the script is finalized, I eat, do wardrobe, eat, read up on any new additions to the show, eat, hit the voice over booth then head down to the studio to tape the show. Add in a few artist interviews during the day and activities with the Garden of Dreams Foundation. That’s my day.

What’s been your worst interview?
I had a very difficult interview with The Game. The whole G-Unit saga was going on, and he was sensitive about people poking holes in his credibility. At the time, I was a young journalist, so I went in. I wasn’t rude, but I asked him questions he didn’t want to answer. It was very intense to the point that I thought something could potentially happen, and he’s a big dude. A veteran once told me, ‘If you’re in the middle of an interview and the person obviously doesn’t want to be there, just end it. Grab their hand and say thanks a lot for your time and move on.’ That was in the back of my head, and I actually said, ‘You know what, Game, thanks for your time. I appreciate it.’ It was mad awkward.

Definitely. Besides that advice, what’s a quote you live by?
“If you’re comfortable than you’re not living.”

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