Gentlemen’s Corner: Matte Babel Talks ‘Fuse News’ and Gives Advice to Women

Matte Babel
VV: What do you look for in a lady?

MB: At this point in my life, I look for a friend. I want someone who’s in good shape and attractive,who has a good sense of humor and can be a friend as much as they can be a partner.

Would you rather have a girl with beauty and no brains or brains with no confidence?
Definitely, brains with no confidence. You can always help someone get confidence about themselves. If you’re dumb, you’re dumb.

What’s an ideal time to wait to have sex?
As long as the girl feels comfortable and both parties feel respected, whatever happens, happens. There has to be some kind of mutual respect there. No one wants to feel like they’re not respected. If it takes a girl three months, if it takes a girl a week–if a guy likes you enough, he’ll wait?

What do you wish women knew about men?
The more space we’re given, the better we’ll behave. I was watching Sons of Anarchy and Katey Sagal said, “Men need to be loved, women need to be wanted.” I thought that was an interesting perspective. While I do think men need to be loved, we need space.

What can Fuse viewers look forward to in the near future from the network and you specifically? 
I manage rapper Preign with a friend of mine, and we just shot a video for one of the singles with A$AP Rocky, so look out for that video as well as his mixtape Dear America. I’m part of a collective group working on a coconut water called Waiola that launched about eight months ago, and I have a number of shows in development with my production company, so hopefully you’ll hear more about those projects in the future. As for Fuse News, all I can really say is that the powers that be are all about music, which is dope.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Heins

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