Miguel Covers VIBE’s 2013 ‘Big List’ Issue

Picking favorites inevitably results in blood baths. Egos get dented, feelings crushed and victors spoiled. That’s the spirit of lists. No matter the conclusion, the convos kindled are worth the struggle of parsing data to crown Number Ones (dot-coms know). Determined to spark deep thought and emerge with definitive rankings, VIBE’s debate squad brainstormed several lists and spent a sweatshop worth of hours in a war room, strapped with 20 years of facts and verbal PowerPoints.

What emerged from that boardroom was a series of lists for our incredibly ambitious Big List Issue, which includes our pick of Top 20 Musical Geniuses, 50 Greatest Albums (featuring our cover stars Kendrick Lamar and Miguel), Most Desirable Celebrities, Most Dominant Athletes and much more from the past 20 years. We’ll get to those.

For now, click here to read the cover story featuring a conversation between Kendrick and Miguel, the new classics.