Mimi and Stevie Fight On Season Premiere Of Love & Hip Hop ATL

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” kicked off its new season last night and as expected, things got hot and heavy in the A. We see Mimi in happier spirits and initially, it seems that she’s finally moved on from Stevie J and is focusing on raising their daughter Eva. Before you start singing “Independent Women” hold on. Mimi drops a bomb that she’s staying with Stevie and Joseline accidentally walked in on her. Yup. Stevie’s house is the new Holiday Inn and he has both his ladies coming and going as he well pleases. “She feels kind of threatened by you,” Stevie tells Joseline as she “rehearses” for her “singing career.”

Jos ain’t having it. She tells Benzino (who is now a radio host somehow) that she loves Stevie but she doesn’t want to be with him. The “Puerto Rican Princess” claims she is 26 (huh?), looking for love (ew!) and makes up to $20,000 per show (wha?)

Erica and Lil Scrappy are experiencing their own issues. After becoming engaged on the reunion show, the two are trying to plan a wedding this season, but the rapper’s extravagant spending is becoming a major problem. Erica tries to put Scrappy on a budget and he agrees to $1200/month on clothes, with the option of increasing it at all. Scrappy’s homie/lover/friend Shay and his mama Dee are not feeling the couple’s bliss. Shay clearly still misses Scrappy and won’t accept his engagement. “The Prince has decided for right now,” says Dee, “It is not the wish of the Queen.” Is this Love & Hip Hop or Game of Thrones?! Clearly, Mama Dee will definitely be meddling in her son’s relationship this season. Watch out Erica!

K. Michelle seems to be in a happier place and has a new record deal with Warner Bros. She’s working on her debut album and wants to name it A Rebellious Soul but her label rep says she has a bad attitude and a bad reputation. “I wear my emotions on my sleeve…it takes a special kind of person to love me,” says K and describes herself as a mixture of “Fergie and Jesus.”

We find out that K does still have issues with cast mate Ariane, who was a minor cast member last season. Ariana admitted in an interview that she slept with K’s ex-boyfriend and K isn’t having it. The issue is quickly resolved at a party for Erica and the two hug it out.

Two people who can’t seem to mend their ways are Mimi and Stevie. Joseline walks into Stevie’s house and Mimi is there. Joseline then calls Mimi a maid (Remember, Mimi has a home cleaning business?) and Mimi flips out, asking Stevie why he didn’t defend her. Really, Mimi? Stevie has little to say in his defense and Mimi throws what appears to be a drink in his face. First episode down and the producers have to separate these two already. It’s going to be a fun season.