Mona Scott-Young Hints at ‘The Gossip Game’ Spin-Off

Reality TV mogul Mona Scott-Young recently revealed upcoming Bravo show,Taking Atlanta, and hinted at possible plans of another spin-off in the A.

Newest VH1 spot The Gossip Game would get a serious down south makeover, according to Scott-Young’s recent interview with The Jasmine Brand. “If we take it to any other city, it would automatically be in Atlanta.”

With the success of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it’s clear why Mona’s sights are set on the Peach State’s capital. But when asked if she’d expand the LHH franchise beyond it’s NYC and ATL roots, she immediately ruled out Miami after finding the people there unworthy of TV time.

“I don’t want to pimp it out and have Love & Hip Hop everywhere,” she says. “I could do Miami, but I went there, and I noticed that the scene is very different. I actually ended coming up with another show called The Scene. It’s a different culture in Miami I didn’t meet anyone there that I could build a show around. What you want to do is maintain the integrity of the concept of the show. We’ve looked at other cities–I think if I had to put together a cast, I would say Houston, New Orleans are interesting.”

Read the full interview at TJB.