New iPhone Releasing This Summer For Real (Maybe)

The latest news about the next generation iPhone comes from an actual credible source this time. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is gearing up production on its iPhone 5 follow-up, according to “people familiar with the device’s production.”

These reliable snitches claim the new iPhone will resemble the current iPhone 5 and possibly debut this summer. WSJ also says Apple is plotting a cheaper, four-inch iPhone with its manufacturers in Asia.

At this point, though, analysts say Steve Jobs’ company has to pull a few rabbit tricks to get back ahead of the competition, namely Samsung. “There isn’t really any major differentiator between the players at this phase,” said research analyst Neil Mawston. “The panacea is to transform the industry with a revolutionary design. [Until then] you have to do the traditional business school implementations like manage costs and move quicker than rivals.”

Will the next iPhone be faster? Will it have fingerprint technology? Will it come in rainbow colors? Stay tuned.

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