The New McDonald’s: All-Day Breakfast and Delivered to Your Front Door?


An Egg McMuffin for dinner?

McDonald’s is back at the drawing board, scrabbling for new ideas to get their revenues up after the dollar menu failed to help boost sales at the fast food chain this past quarter. Their latest idea? An idea 20 years too late — an all-day McDonald’s breakfast. They’re also experimenting with delivery options. Instead of waiting in that drive-thru line for a Big Mac and Shamrock Shake, McDonald’s will come to you.

McDonald’s breakfast is universally sold until 10:30AM. McDonald’s President/CEO Don Thompson spoke with CNBC about their new ventures. “We have the focus on our existing menu, but we have looked at breakfast across the day,” he said. “We have it in some markets around the world.”

He calls McDonald’s delivery “a big, big opportunity.” The company would take after Burger King who announced this week they’d begin delivering their Whoppers and more in select cities.

“Tastes have been changing and it’s just that we as McDonald’s have continued to evolve,” Thompson added, noting people’s shift toward healthier lifestyles.