New Music: Temper Trap ‘Trembling Hands’ (Stereoshock Lonely City Remix)

In his big room remix return comes the latest from New York-based DJ/producer Stereoshock (born Josh Cohen) who revamps the Temper Trap hype single, ‘Trembling Hands’. “I got the idea for this remix walking alone through the city physically, and mentally,” said Cohen. “I tried to recreate the emotion and produced this for the listener to understand the story behind the protagonist of the song.” This emotion is interpreted through the sampled sounds city traffic in a background of soaring synth melodies, all blending in seamlessly with Temper Traps original vocals and lyrics, recreating the feeling of being one small speck in a massive conglomerate.

“Some people write music for you to escape your problems, but I produced this journey so you can face them…experience the lonely city.” Download the remix for free below.