New Trend in Plastic Surgery: The Upper Arm-Lift

Instead of getting a face-lift, people willing to go under the knife are starting to get the upper arm-lift.

Liposuction of the arms, or “brachioplasty” surgery, recorded a number of 15,457 people, 98% who are women, that underwent this treatment to get toned arms, according to new findings. The cause for this rise? The ASPS said doctors took “note of a poll data indicating that women ‘are paying closer attention to the arms of female celebrities.”

A few envied women on that list include Demi Moore, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Aniston, and the most desired arms on First Lady Michelle Obama.

Dr. David Heath said that women seeking to undergo this procedure should be aware that “brachioplasty often leaves a visible scar – presenting a ‘trade-off’ for women.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images