New Video: Janine And The Mixtape – “Cold Out”

Several fresh faces have begun to usher in a new wave of r&b superstars into the 21st century.

A New Zealand born artist, performing under the moniker Janine and the Mixtape, looks to be apart of that group with her debut mixtape Dark Mind on the way. The mixtape showcases the soulful singer’s producing capabilities, her superb songwriting skills and a vibrant voice – unheard of in the genre. Her debut single “Bullets” has grabbed the attention of thousands already due to its universal emotional appeal.

The current Brooklyn resident, recently released the visuals for “Cold Out,” a track that won’t be featured on her upcoming mixtape, but still deserves to be heard. The black-and-white, sketchbook video displays a melancholy Janine peering out of a drenched window on a moving train. The eerie visuals produced by Janine herself coincide with the lax tune perfectly.

Check it out below: