Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander Shares Diet and Fitness Secrets

But besides warm weather, the best thing about this season is setting new resolutions after the ones from New Year’s have expired. Although we use that teeny bikini or midriff top as motivation, we forget that getting our blood pumping is also healthy. Just ask reality starlet Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

The Flavor of Love cast member,known for her killer body, is using her celebrity to promote fitness, an important part of her life since childhood. Today, her successful lifestyle is grounded by a desire to stay in shape. “The more fit I am, the sexier I feel and that makes me more confident in all areas,” she says. “It’s hard because I travel so much to stay consistent with eating clean and getting my workouts in. That’s why I created my online workout system. I can workout now anywhere and anytime.”

Alexander’s 6-minute workouts at allow women to jump start a daily workout with a head-to-toe conditioning session. The online hub is accessible 24/7 and perfect for women who don’t have time to hit the gym everyday. “I believe in lots of squats and lunges—got to work that butt,” shares Hoopz. She also cites a sensible diet as the secret to her envious abs. “It’s really more cardio and nutrition. You can crunch all day, but if you don’t do those two, you will never see those abs.”

The nutrition? “I drink a gallon of water a day. I love fish, lots of pineapple and any veggie I can get my hands on. I love food! I believe in a cheat meal, but I won’t miss a chance to get a good burn and sweat on.”

As women, especially women of color, the gym can be an intimidating place. Whether it’s something petty like sweating our hair out, health often plays second fiddle to less important things. But Nicole notes that there is no secret formula for beginning a new fitness routine. “Start with twenty minutes of activity a day and each week add a little more time. Even twenty minutes will add up. Stop procrastinating, just start!”

Once you are comfortable in a consistent routine, Hoopz suggests adding boxing for the arms (most neglected area) and weights, something women are afraid will bulk them up when it actually does the opposite.

Hoopz confirmed that she’s undecided about whether she’ll return to TV, but in the meantime, access Hoopz and learn more about 6Levels here.

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