Old NY Yankees Ticket Number Now A Sex Hotline


If you’re looking for tickets to a New York Yankees game, be careful where you dial. According to the New York Post, an old phone number for the Yankees box office has been reassigned to a sex hotline.

After a simple Google search for “Yankees box office phone number,” the search retrieved the old phone number 800-913-9793 due to a Google SEO issue. After dialing the number a recorded message plays but it’s not from Yankee Stadium.

“Welcome to America’s hottest talkline,” plays the recording for the 18 and over “talkline.” “Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press 2 to connect free now.” Ladies can use the phone sex hotline for free, while men get a five-minute trial at no cost before having to pay.

The last time the Pinstripes used the number was in 2010 for seat upgrades for season ticket holders. It has since be reassigned at no control to the Yankees.

This particular sex hotline company has a history of commandeering widely used toll-free numbers. Other victims of phone number heisting include The Sacramento Bee newspaper, whose old subscription number was jacked by “America’s Hottest Talkline,” as well as a Florida domestic-violence hotline.

Careful where you dial. If you do want Yankees tickets, dial call 1-800-YANKEES.