Online Dating Isn’t the Worst Thing in the World

Remember the days when we confidently swore against ever resulting to online dating? We called it “pathetic” and were unwilling to break the traditional code of going out and meeting someone organically. But times are a-changing. Nowadays, we can kick back and find out all about a guy through our computer walls if we want…which is absolutely not the worst thing in the world.

By commercializing a destination to find your perfect match, sites like eHarmony,, and Ok! Cupid are the new-age digital superhero for single women. Catfish-watching naysayers make dating on the world wide web out to be match-making kryptonite. But the dinosaur days are long gone, and the digital world has branched into various express lanes for quick and convenient partner-picking.

With living in a big city comes tons of places to go and things to do. But realistically, we may not always have the time or energy to explore the slim pickings, so dating can get rather tough. If only it can be as simple as walking to the nearest bodega for a sandwich to find yourself whisked away by a striking conversation with a cute guy.

So if ever the bars, parties and social events fail us in finding Mr. Potential, bask in the luxury of inputting URL links to weed out losers and expedite the (sex) process. There’s no avoiding those overzealous couples invading our primetime programs to gloat about the efficacy of finding true love online. Believe it or not, e-loving can flourish into a lifetime of fairytale bliss.

In many ways, our dating lives have already become digitized anyway. Ever heard of Twitter?

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