Other Wife Found on Facebook: Man Caught By “Friends”

Here’s one for MTV’s “Catfish.”

CBS News reports that a Washington man has been charged with bigamy after his Facebook account revealed he had married two woman. 41-year-old Alan L. O’Neill married a woman in 2001, however, they separated after eight years. The state corrections officer then changed his name and remarried another woman.

Eventually, his “two wives” noticed each other on Facebook as “friends” of O’Neil and spotted some revealing photos.

“Wife No. 1 went to wife No. 2’s page and saw a picture of her and her husband with a wedding cake,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist told the Associated Press today. “An hour later the defendant arrived at [Wife No. 1’s] apartment, and she asked him several times if they were divorced,” court records show. “The defendant said, ‘No, we are still married.'”

O’Neill, who was previously known as Alan Fulk, now faces a bigamy charge which is illegal under federal and state laws. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.