Own A Piece Of Usher, Chris Brown And Boyz II Men’s Royalties

Now you can finally rake in the future royalties of Usher, TLC, Boyz II Men and other big-name artists.

Sean Peace, creator and president of Royalty Exchange, an online auction house originally intended to for movies, books, and pharmaceutical patents, will now be offering up the royalties to music, ABC News reports.

On May 9, the Clement Collection–including songs written by Edmund Clement and recorded by artists like Chris Brown and Usher–will be up for auction. The collection produces up to $29,500 a year.

“TV shows and radio aren’t all of a sudden going to stop buying music,” Peace says. “Are there fluctuations? Yes, but not by 30 percent. This is for people looking for a consistent rate of return without the volatility of the market.”