Pharrell On Producing New Music For Jay-Z: ‘The Rain Man Is Back’

Pharrell Williams stopped by The Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97 yesterday (Apr. 22) to discuss his upcoming music as well as a host of other topics. Rocking a Hermes blanket, the super producer/artist chopped it up about everything from his skincare regime to Miley Cyrus. Skateboard P also talked appreciation for his fans supporting his ventures outside of music, including his 2009 sculpture collaboration with Takashi Murakami.

“Well I have to say, the fans have been the wind in my sails,” he said. “How can I go anywhere, how can I progress anywhere out of my own sphere if they don’t support it? They’re just so good to me. BBC, Ice Cream, just all of the above.”

Not abandoning his central artistry, Pharrell called music “the fulcrum of his being and existence” before stating how proud he was of his new Daft Punk record “Get Lucky.” He also let Martinez in on his upcoming music with the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Busta Rhymes, No Doubt and Kendrick Lamar. The producer also talked excitedly about an upcoming record with Jay-Z with one simple assertion.

“The rain man is back, the rain man is back. I gave him a straight up Stanley Kubrick movie. The rain man is back.”

Pharrell also talked candidly about his transition from a ladies’ man into a committed relationship. Discussing his past trysts with groups of women, he explained the reason behind his new and improved family man mentality.

“I’m different guy in the sense that I’m not touching no other woman besides my girl. I love my family, I’m super happy,” he said. “I’m not no relationship expert, but I just recommend that you get with your bestie ‘cause y’all agree on everything. […] You guys started with a very open and honest rapport, so you never had to hide anything.”

Another girl that came up in the conversation was none other that Miley Cyrus, who Pharrell also mentioned working with. Martinez asked if he was impressed with her infamous twerk video, to which he replied: “of course.”

“She loves hip-hop. She means it, shake that ass! She can tell you everything about Waka Flocka. She can tell you when Gucci Mane came out. Like,he means it ‘cause she grew up in that,” he said. “She grew up listening to that with all her friends. Her day job was one thing, but hanging out with her friends — you saw some of the trouble she got into. She’s showing you the signs that she’s a different girl.”

Pharrell is expected to release a new book next month, as well as the Billionaire Girls Club line soon. Check out the interview here.