Phil Jackson Reportedly Told Lakers He Had Prostate Cancer During 2011 Playoffs

In an attempt to push his team during the 2011 Playoffs, former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson reportedly revealed stunning news to the squad to aid their game.

According to Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register, one of the G.O.A.T. NBA coaches revealed he was diagnosed in March 2011 with prostate cancer and decided to put off surgery since doctors assured him that drugs would temporarily control the disease, citing Jackson’s upcoming memoir “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success” due May 21.

“Shocking,” power-forward Pau Gasol told the OC about the news that rattled the Lakers. “But then you also could understand certain moments of his demeanor, energy and involvement because of what he was going through health-wise. It explained certain things. It was a shock. A difficult moment for the team.”

Unfortunately, Jackson’s idea to boost the team’s morale during playoffs backfired as they fell to the Dallas Mavericks and didn’t attain their three-peat that season.

In recent news, word on the e-streets is that the Toronto Raptors are going hard to pursue Jackson as their team president.

Photo Credit: Getty Images