Preview New Deamau5 Tracks

Deadmau5 aka Fuckmylife (Joel Zimmerman’s Souncloud moniker) recently uploaded two new tracks to his Soundcloud account.

The first, titled “Assume Control” the producer writes he’s trying something new to create the ambient tune and sends a jab towards Afrojack. “Sorry for the ‘jacked afro’ crap at the end there,” he wrote on his page. “Was testing a module out, wanted to see if i could get a saw to resync on note retrigger / rise n fall of pitch stuff. for science. moog bass + modular.” The second track, “moog + modular” is a finished version of “Assume Control,” it includes more keys and increases the dreamlike melody.

If you ignore the jabs, both snippets display a more soothing deadmau5 in sound, just not so much in spirit. Don’t expect these tracks to make their way onto a new project, even though fans of the new releases think they would make for a great collaboration with Kaskade. What do you think, Mau5?