Pro-Wrestler David Otunga Talks Wrestlemania 29, Favorite WM Experience And Dream Match-Up

Consider Wrestlemania the mecca for all wrestling stans.

As the World Wrestling Entertainment’s biggest pay-per-view of the year descends on the MetLife Stadium Sunday (Apr. 7), history is looking to be made.

Pro-wrestler David Otunga — also fiancée to Grammy-winning songbird Jennifer Hudson — chops it up with VIBE about the prestigious event, the Brooklyn boy he hopes to make a musical appearance and popping his WM cherry.

VIBE: Recall your fondest Wrestlemania memory.
DAVID OTUNGA: Definitely last year’s Wrestlemania because that was my first Wrestlemania appearance. I was the team captain of a big tag match, Team Johnny versus Team Teddy and we ended up winning so I won my first Wrestlemania match. It was just unbelievable. I walked out on stage and there were like 80,000 people in Miami. Unbelievable.

Was it like a dream come true for you?
Oh it really was. Growing up as a kid, I always watched wrestling and Wrestlemania is always the biggest thing. I remember Wrestlemania 3 with Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. I’ve seen that video so many times as a kid and just all through the years Wrestlemania is always a big deal and that was a dream just to be able perform at Wrestlemania.

How does the location lend to how big this Wrestlemania will be?
Just being in MetLife Stadium makes it that much bigger and I’m from the East Coast, New York. That is the grandest stage. Also Wrestlemania takes place on my birthday next year, April 7.

That’s an awesome way to celebrate. Now, Triple H, The Rock and the Undertaker are going to be there as well. Do you have any predictions as to who will take the victories?
I really don’t but I’m excited to see how it all shapes up. Just hearing that kind of talent is going to be there, it almost doesn’t even matter who they go up against. Wrestlemania is the kind of show where everybody really steps up their game.

What would your dream match up for Wrestlemania 29 be?
Well, it would be me against The Rock of course. He beat John Cena last year so now I need to beat him. The Rock’s the hottest thing out. If I take out The Rock that would make me the top guy. We are already going to be competing in Hollywood now that my movie is coming out so my career is on the rise too, so we will be competing at the box office and in the ring. That would be great.

Now, WWE is known for calling on music’s biggest names to help with the festivities. Who are you hoping rocks the mic at WM 29?
Well considering we would be on the East Coast I’m going to have to go with Jay-Z. I think that would be perfect.