Project Runway Recap: A Celebrity Fashion Story

project runway season 11 episode11On The Runway
Layana’s model sported a modern samurai inspired hairstyle with soft makeup. She designed a cobalt blue armor top with an attached metal chain that was paired with a short petal skirt. Zac felt the neckline of the outfit was similar to Paco Raban, Jordana loved the color, and Nina felt the back was well executed.

Daniel’s model strutted down the runway in vibrant yellow pants with a space inspired shoulder pad. His models wore a tangerine lip that was accented with pulled back hair. Zac felt his design was unbalanced, Jordana felt it would look better with skirt, but Nina loved it for a celebrity fashion piece.

Stanley’s model wore soft waves and terracotta cheeks that matched perfectly with his leather shawl and white culottes.  Zac, Nina and Jordana felt it was flirty and had versatility.

Patricia’s model sported geisha-like makeup with a teal green one-shoulder tent dress. Heidi said it looked like Pocahontas, and Nina said it looked unfinished.

Michelle’s model had a brown smokey eye with strong black eyeliner. On the runway, her model wore green linen pants and a black leather white muscle tee. Nina stated she did not feel it was special enough, Jordana felt it was not editorial enough. All judges felt it was not bold or fashion forward.

Stanley won the challenge, and Layana is Daniel were safe. The bottom two designers were Michelle and Patricia. Patricia was saved, but everyone is left in suspense until the next episode.

This week, designers will be sent to a European country to get inspiration for their designs. Stay tuned!

Photo Credits: Lifetime