Project Runway Recap: Europe, Here We Come

Project Runway episide with John LegendStanley’s inspiration came from London Abbey. He created a monastic short cape and long dress detailed with a straight long black zipper and leathered sequins. His model wore bronze makeup with a long straight hair. Nina believed the look was a glimpse of luxury, Heidi loved the simplicity of the silhouette and Zac praised his Sherlock Holmes look.

Patricia’s model wore a strong smokey eye and pink lip accented by her Parisian ponytail. Her multi-layered pastel toned jacket was puffy and the black collar was over textiled; her inspiration came from Graffiti she spotted in Paris. Zac felt it was trashy couture, Nina stated “cotton candy gone wrong”, John felt the shape was not flattering, and Heidi wasn’t fond of the pants.

Michelle’s model wore golden gloss around her eye and paired it with a wool grey dress and harness. Nina felt it was a comeback—the patten leather was incredible. John loved the cashmere, Heidi disliked the painted fabric, and Zac felt the harness was outstanding.

Layana was inspired by Barcelona architecture, so she tailored a black and white coat and accented it with a pink long sleeved blouse. Zac loved her smart choices in the material, Nina felt the outfit was old fashion and her hair and makeup were dated, Heidi wanted sex appeal from the model, and John legend believed it didn’t look hot enough.

Final designers going to Fashion Week and coming back to New York:


This week each designer will be given $10,000 to create a 12 piece collection to present at NY Fashion week. It’s coming down to the crunch everyone! Who will be the big winner?