Project Runway Recap: Finale, Part 1

project runway logoPatricia created a collection that was too crafty and not streamlined. However, her model’s side ponytail and contoured face created a soft look against her clothes. Heidi loved her horsetail jacket, and felt her presentation needed to be cohesive—not a circus. Nina felt it was like watching Dr. Suess, and Zac felt she needed to streamline her native American wear.

Michelle created a wolf inspired look. Her models had a fresh outdoor makeup palette with very disheveled hair which did not flow with the strength of the clothes. All the judges loved the detailing of each garment—especially the quilting—and how she created the wolf-net sweater pattern. Overall they liked her innovation.

Stanley’s 70’s renaissance bling design was not modern. His models had naturally slick back hair and natural makeup. Zac felt his proportions were off, Nina believed his look were rich and luxe, but he missed the sexiness and modern elements of today’s women. Heidi felt he could’ve done better all around, including hair and makeup.

The top three finalists to present at fashion week are Michelle, Stanley and Patricia.

Heidi and Tim were very sad to eliminate Daniel because he had so many highs in the competition and has a stellar personality. But he wasn’t the best.

Stay tuned for the final runway show of Season 11 this week!