Project Runway Recap: The Art of Fashion

Layana and Daniel of Project RunwayThe Designers
The teams were divided by style type: Stanley and Michelle (cool meets chic), Patricia and Richard (commercial meets artsy), and Layana and Daniel (cool meets sophistication).

Layana and Daniel created a geometric design. Nina stated Layana’s Avant Garde dress looked like she threw everything into one dress making look like a period piece. Tracey agreed, and said it looked very mid-century. Rachel felt that even Mattel would reject her dress. Heidi and Rachel stated they loved Daniel’s killer black jacket with the modern design short skirt.

On the runway, Michelle and Stanley’s model was super sexy in heavy eyeliner and a dramatic red lip. But the judges felt that Michelle’s use of textile and painted bubble wrap was too futuristic. Stanley dress was a long with rich fabric. Nina loved the look and described it as a refined Ying and Yang dress. Rachel stated their taste was outstanding, while Tracey loved the juxtaposition of both dresses.

Patricia’s androgynous triangular patterned Avant Garde dress was very similar to Parisian Couture. Heidi loved it, but the rest of the judges did not like the head piece. Richard’s ready to wear ensemble did not blend well with the Avant Garde look. Nina and Tracey felt Richard over-pleated his short white skirt.

Stanley and Michelle won the challenge and Stanley was awarded $10,000 and new HP computer. But sadly, Richard was sent home because of poor design execution.

Next week, each designer will create a celebrity editorial look that will run in Marie Claire Magazine.

Photo Credits: She Knows Reality TV Magazine