Psy Knocked Off Top Spot By… A 63-Year-Old Man?

Psy knocked off the top spot? Korean sensation Psy’s followup to his viral hit “Gangnam Style,” the equally catchy “Gentleman,” has performed very well on YouTube, racking up hundreds of millions of views. But his performance on the Korean pop charts is a little lacking.

Psy was knocked off the top spot by Cho Yong-pil, a longtime Korean star who has been pumping out hits since 1975. This was Cho’s first album in ten years, and his fans were more than willing to knock Psy off the chart, and all the way down to no. 13.

But don’t cry for Psy – ‘Gentleman’ is at no. 5 on the US charts, and should extend his internet stardom for a little while longer. Still – Psy knocked off the top spot by an easy-listening star? Not a great move on your home turf.