Raver-Singer Charli XCX Talks Love, Music and Crying Fans


You may recognize the name Charli XCX (born Charlotte Aitchison) from the popular Icona Pop jam, “I Love It”, but this dance-inspired singer is looking to set her mark further among international audiences with the drop of her debut album True Romance (out today on iTunes).

Already heralded and adored by her U.K. fans, we’ve quickly come to love this ultimate rave girl while talking with her during her European tour. Because honestly, what’s not to love about a woman who originally wanted her stage name to stand for ‘Xrated Cunt Xrated’.

VIBE: If you could compare your sound to any city in the world, which would it and why?
Charli XCX: I’d probably compare it to the neon lights in Tokyo. I actually haven’t been there yet, but I know I will love it. I think they look so alive and bright, but also super 80s too. Some of my music is like that.

You started out by imitating the Spice Girls on the playground when you were 8. Which Spice was your favorite? Why?
When I was younger it was definitely Baby Spice. I always wanted to be blonde and when I was younger I would always beg my mum to let me dye my hair bleach blonde… I would have looked so ridiculous! I have such massive thick brown eyebrows; it would have been the weirdest thing.

Right now, what is your…
Must have fashion accessory? At the moment it’s kilts. I love mini skirts and tartan so it’s the perfect combination for me!
Go to drink? Vodka and lime…or vodka Redbull. I guess that’s really bad for you right?
Favorite night spot to hang out? There’s this cute Mexican restaurant nearby where I live on Portobello Road in London–it does the best cocktails and the whole inside of the restaurant is covered in ‘day of the dead’ ornaments and stuff. It’s cool in there. Otherwise I like house parties, just because I’m always out anyways on tour and they are where the real fun happens…
Craziest fan experience? I always find it crazy when people have breakdowns and are crying and shaking so much when they meet someone. I’ve had that a couple times, and it just blows my mind. It’s like CALM DOWN! I’m just a person. We’re all just flesh and bones anyways right?

The song you’re probably most known for at this time is the track you did with Icona Pop, ‘I Love It’. How’s you link with the gals?
I wrote that song in my hotel room in half-an-hour the first time I went to Sweden. I knew right from the start that I didn’t want the song for myself; it just wasn’t right for me. But then a couple of weeks later the Icona Pop girls (Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo) came down to the studio and producer Patrik Berger played it for them. They just completely GOT IT and started freaking out about it. It was so great, because we knew we had this amazing song, but just needed someone to sing it. And they were so perfect for it too, because they’re not just boring bimbos – they’re something different and exciting.

Tell us about your new album, True Romance. What can fans and dance buffs expect from it?
My debut album is all about my experiences with love. I feel like I’ve really grown up through the process of writing this album – and I’ve also fallen in love with someone as I’ve written it, which is kinda cool. The album explores the different angles of love. I think its funny how when you’re in love with someone, one minute you can be head over heels and floating on clouds, and then the next minute you can feel so isolated and alone and dark…but you’re still in love. It’s such a schizophrenic thing.

What rapper (alive) would you love to collab with and why?
Kanye would be amazing…and A$AP rocky…and also Eminem. I was a really massive Eminem fan when I was younger. I used to wear those massive empty white t-shirts he used to wear…I looked so stupid!

What about DJs/producers?
I would love to work with Jai Paul. I think he’s amazing.