Review: Brooklyn Goes Hard In Beast Coastal Tour

Highline Ballroom hosted the Beast Coastal homecoming Thursday night (Apr. 18) as Joey Bada$$, The Underachievers and the Flatbush Zombies returned to the Empire state.

The Underachievers served as the party-starters, performing singles from their latest mixtape Indigoism. Next up were their fellow BK boys, the Flatbush Zombies.

With a blunt perched on his lips, Juice — the rowdiest of the Brooklyn trio — introduced his crew as the “blunt-smoking, ass-groping, mic-rocking, undisputed champions of the world” in his best Michael Buffer impression.

The Zombies proceeded into the first single off of their upcoming mixtape “Mraz.” Before debuting an unreleased track filled with an overwhelming amount of expletives, the trio performed “Young, Black and Arrogant.”

Bodega Bamz became the first surprise guest of the night. The Latino MC assisted the Zombies on their collaborative track “Thrilla.” Aside from the stage dives and turbulent tracks “Bath Salts” and “Thug Waffles,” the Zombies paid homage to Nirvana with their own rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

The 18-year-old headliner Joey Bada$$ TK TK. From track one of his highly acclaimed 1999 mixtape, Bada$$ began to delve into the project that has catapulted him and his Pro Era crew to the forefront of the new New York rap movement.

“For the last couple weeks, I’ve been touring with my homies, city-to-city, show-to-show, it’s like world domination,” he said before easing into the track.

One-by-one, Dessy Hinds, Nyck Caution, Chuck Strangers, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight and A La Soul performed their respective features off Bada$$’ project as well as their most recent venture Peep the Aprocalypse before asking the crowd to put their lighters up for their late band-mate Capital Steez.

The show was taken to a new high when Wiz Khalifa and Smoke DZA made surprise appearances.

Joey and Co. closed the night with “Survival Tactics” and an encore performance of the Pro Era version of KRS’ classic “Attack The Block.”

East coast’s finest gave a refreshing reminder why New York is still the mecca of hip-hop.