Roc Marciano Talks New VP and A&R Role at Man Bites Dog Records

Rapper and producer Roc Marciano recently added label exec to his career repertoire, being named VP and Director of A&R for indie house Man Bites Dog Records. As he prepares for his own upcoming ‘Marci Beaucoup’ album, Roc and label founder Ryan “R.M.L.” Lynch spoke to Vibe about the newly inked partnership.

Why did you name Roc Marciano the VP and Director Of A&R for Man Bites Dog Records?
R.M.L.: Roc has an ear for talent and an ear for quality. We’ve been working together for some time, working on projects and stuff, and it just made sense. I was going to him to talk about songs and to get his advice on things, so him becoming the head of A&R just completely made sense.

For those who aren’t familiar with your label, describe Man Bites Dog Records?
R.M.L.: Our music is very raw. It’s really comes down to quality. People who are die-hard fans and listen to an album obsessively. I think those are the people who are going to fit into our brand and not a trend in the night or a fly by. Most likely, you’re not going to hear our music being played on radio, Top 40.

Roc, what’s you’re A&R vision for 2013?
Roc: First and foremost it’s Marci Beaucoup; to make sure that’s a success. From there on, it’s to bring new talent over to the label and bring successful projects and quality music.

You’re both an artist and executive. How will you divide your focus?
Roc: Um, well you know, as an independent artist, you do that anyway. You have to wear many hats. That just comes with the job. Really, it’s pretty much second nature to me.

How are you scouting new talent?

Roc: I mean, it’s all around me, really. I don’t have to go far at all. Now, I have this situation right here, I can actually offer some of my people some opportunities. It kind of just happens organically; a friend of a friend. That’s pretty much how it seems to happen for me. I’m just blessed to have a bunch of talented people that I already work with. I think it’s just going to be a natural marriage.

Hip-hop A&Rs traditionally used to spot talent at concerts and showcases but recently, have been looking at social media and viral videos for burgeoning acts. Which do you prefer?
: A lot of A&R work I be doing is more or less, giving people I’ve already known the opportunity to shine because they haven’t gotten that opportunity yet. It’s not like I have to beat the streets to go find it. I just have to actually put the projects out. I already have people that I’m ready to do projects with. I already have guys.

So are you actively looking for new people as well?
Roc: Oh, definitely! That’s why we have other people. Ryan is doing his thing, he’s gonna bring ideas to me. Also, we have my brother Amir. He’s gonna bring ideas and things to the table. We’re just gonna work together as a team. I’m gonna do a little bit of everything but I’m not gonna actually sit here and act like I’m gonna be at local talent shows. I’m not gonna be doing that. I don’t have time for that. But my people around me, that’s close to me, they’ll hit me with what I should know.