Roger Ebert Dies At 70

The outpouring of sentiment will be trending, but there’s not enough real-world sentiment that can be said about Roger Ebert. Love or hate his reviews, film critic Roger Ebert was not only the first of his kind (a Pulitzer Prize winning film critic), but one of the only critics known to the general public, thanks to his long-running movie review shows such as “Sneak Previews” and his ‘thumbs-up or down’ movie reviews. He died Thursday of complications from cancer, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The 70-year-old avuncular champion was Internet savvy before the e-streets became popular. He had been fighting thyroid cancer since 2002, and in the past few years spoke with a voice machine. The latest show to bear his name is the PBS series Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies, in which he briefly appears on camera with a prosthetic chin through other critics shoulder reviewing duties. A heavy user of the social media tool, Twitter, one of Ebert’s last tweets was actually a link-out to one his FFC’s, Odie Henderson.

Back in 2010, Roger appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, speaking with a machine that tailored his speech more closely to his natural voice. He continued reviewing films and kept in the public eye writing on his popular website, which at press time is currently down. He was truly upbeat, his demeanor and skills remained strong, and he will be sorely missed. Props: Chicago Tribune