Scarface Open To A Rick Rubin-Produced Geto Boys Album


Legendary Geto Boys frontman Scarface recently sat down with HardKnock TV to discuss the possibility of crafting a new album with his confidants Willie D and Bushwick Bill. The group’s first collaboration since 2005 would only come to fruition if Def Jam co-founder, Rick Rubin, composed the album for the H-town greats.

“You know what, if Rick Rubin would produce another Geto Boys album I’d do it,” he told Hard Knock backstage at the Paid Dues festival in California. “If Rick Rubin produced a Geto Boys album, not a song, a fucking album. I’d do it. Otherwise, I ain’t doing it,” he revealed.

Rubin last assisted the Geto Boys on their self-titled album in 1990. The hip-hop pioneer was credited as a production supervisor on the 13 track offering. Scarface expressed his appreciation for Rubin’s contributions to hip-hop, despite acknowledging rumors that he had heard the talented producer wasn’t a fan of his music.

“I got a lot of respect for Rick and what he did, what he’s doing. And what he means to Hip Hop. And I could have just been reading it wrong. Maybe somebody said that shit just trying to be funny or some shit, but somebody said that Rick Rubin didn’t like my shit,” said Scarface. “Every time I see Rick Rubin it’s like we all cool and shit.”