Selena Gomez Bindi Criticism

A Selena Gomez bindi controversy is coming. Gomez is coming under fire from the Universal Society of Hinduism after her performance at Sunday night’s (Apr. 14) MTV Movie Awards. The 20-year-old singer was donning a bindi symbol — usually seen on Hindu women — on her forehead as she took the stage to sing her song, “Come and Get It. This was done much to the dismay of the religious group, who found the performance to be “insensitive.” The bindi in Hindu culture is of symbolic significance, referring to “the third eye and flame” according to Hindu statesmen Rajan Zed. He, along with the Universal Society, have requested that Gomez apologize and have called for her to discontinue her wearing of the symbol as an accessory during her upcoming world tour. Zed also encouraged the singer to further educate herself on world religions. The singer received backlash on Twitter, with members of the faith tweeting comments such as, “Selena Gomez, take that bindi off your head, cultural appropriation is not cute. And neither is your singing.” Gomez has yet to release any statements regarding the uproar. Check out the performance in question below: