Show Review: Maya Jane Coles Reigns At Verboten New York

Maya Jane Coles showed the Big Apple she’s got balls on the decks Friday night (April 19) at Highline Ballroom. As the British producer-DJ-audio engineer steered the sonic ship at NYC’s leading underground event, Verboten, Coles left not one dry seat in the house—not that anyone was sitting.

Albeit Coles’ (who is often dubbed “Queen of the Underground”) global notoriety, she delivers unparalleled shows and uncompromising deep house, similarly to the Verboten parties. Canadian producer-DJ James Teej was a prime pick for supporting act with his sticky down-tempo grooves. He transitioned into Maya’s set seamlessly, which opened with ethereal, harmonious beats. Almost two minutes in, Coles layered the very distinct whistle of Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane” over deep menacing whomps, which rang out as if the Cypress track was made for her to toy with. Meanwhile, her edit of “Booty Clap” mixed into another hard-to-decipher track floored the room. The light-on-vocals performance served fans with groovy deep beats that no one else is doing in techno, or any category of electronic dance music today.

If you want to get a taste of Maya Jane Coles’ aural ability, cop her December-released ‘Easier To Hide’ EP, which she produced, arranged, engineered and also sings on. Still, we suggest that you find some way to see Maya’s live show for the unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned to Verboten’s parties calendar here.