Showtime To Air Floyd Mayweather Documentary Tomorrow!

Money Mayweather gets some things off his chest in this new documentary chronicling his 2012 incarceration. Has anything changed for the man?

According to Showtime Sports, the hour-long documentary will premiere on April 3 at 10 p.m. ET. Mayweather hasn’t even begun to talk about his jail sentence much since being released after two months in August of last year. The documentary will depict Mayweather’s life leading up to his incarceration along with candid interviews as well.

Mayweather hasn’t been in the news as much as boxing fans have grown accustomed to since his release, but he is scheduled to fight Robert Guerrero on May 4 with his flawless 43-0 record on the line. Perhaps there are some similarities between his new persona and his brash, arrogant and confident one he’s cultivated over his career. Todd Crites of Turn Left Productions calls Mayweather, “caring, eloquent and soft-spoken,” among other things.

What do you think? See for yourself below:

It can be argued that Mayweather’s trials and tribulations have allowed him to calm down and truly embrace the person that he truly is rather than the image he has always tried to portray. Sound off!

Props: Hot 97