Steve Angello’s New Signee Trent Cantrelle on SIZE X: “I Don’t Like to Be Pigeonhole to a Genre”

Anyone who knows Steve Angello knows that with him, ‘size’ is everything. That is why he is expanding his music empire by adding the sister label X to SIZE Records. It will provide a new outlet for the genre’s fast-growing number of new artists that especially inspire Angello. Enter techie electronic talent Trent Cantrelle. He’s scheduled to drop his two-track EP, ‘Nice and Close’, on the X label (May 6). See Trent Cantrelle in VIBE’s “Top 30 DJs to Watch in 2013“… we told you so!

Cantrelle tells VIBE: “I don’t make commercial music. Whenever I make tracks, I just try to create the feeling I used to get on the dancefloors at a variety of places. I don’t like to be pigeonhole to a genre.”

He clarifies, “I’m from New Orleans, we like to party.”

‘Nice & Close EP’ Tracklist
1. Nice & Close (listen above)
2. Understand